Monday, February 13, 2006

700th Anniversary

The core of the existing house was built in 1306 by Sir John de Broughton.

That makes these corbel heads in the Groined Passage 700 years old this year. In recognition of their longevity and the hundreds of years that they have watched over us, we give them a blogout ('blog outing' ?)...

We don't know who they actually are. Could they be Sir John de Broughton himself and his family? Could they be the architect of the house? or the stonemasons? Why is the man drinking from a horn, or blowing a horn? or on his mobile? Perhaps one is Edward I - Sir John de Broughton II, responsible for much of the major early building work, was one of Edward I's captains.

In among these charming characters you find a few animals and symbolic figures - here is our Green Man - a very poor photo I'm afraid. The oak leaves protruding from his mouth have been broken off so it looks as if he is smoking a cheroot. For more on Green Men see Mike Harding's site here . Somewhere I heard that often you find a hare opposite a Green Man, and sure enough here is ours.

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Anonymous said...

Could you not replace one of the really worn out ones with a new one to commemorate the anniversary? A new green man perhaps - or a member of the family on their mobile? ;)